Are You a B Girl?

We are singles, girlfriends, and wives. We ALL have full lives. We are fashionistas AND sports fans. Together we are always hatching fun plans. We are travelers and we are locals. AND WE ARE EVERYWHERE. We are day drinkers and big thinkers. Above all, we are SISTERS IN ARMS.

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Are You a B Girl?
the designer

About the design

The BrennaB bag was created as a simple solution to solve common problems women have with handbags. The BrennaB bag is designed with quality in mind, with real leather and functional options so you never have to worry about your bag again.

*Easy access to phone

*Security for keys

*Plenty of room for essentials

*Comfortable easy on/off cuff connector

With the BrennaB bag, uptown girls can be downtown hip.

The brennaB bag is powered by -

BAIKAL INC, New York, NY, METTETAL CREATION Verlin, France, And artist Adrian Valencia brought the ‘B GIRLS' to the party!

#BRENNAB - And we are everywhere

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