I have heard it said that art is the highest form of expression and I believe it. Music is one of my favorites.

Most of us can remember concerts we have been to that blew us away. We remember the friends we were with, the buzz in the crowd waiting for the band/DJ to start, and the moment the music exploded into the air. People feeling free to dance to the music right there on the spot. Looking around at a concert, knowing the crowd all listen to THIS music when they are in their cars, on their headphones, and at their house parties is an awesome feeling. You become one sea of rhythmic energy, if just for a few hours. Music is liberating.

The BrennaB bag makes going to see live music so easy. It is easy to dance, enjoy a drink, even call a friend for location logistics without struggling. Being together and sharing a live music experience is one of life's magical moments. So enjoy the music, have a good time with your friends, and turn up the fun.

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