The BAG and the B GIRLS

Hello ladies and welcome. I am so happy to share this product with you all. I myself have spent many nights out with my friends when I suddenly realized I don't know where I put my handbag (having too much fun). A wave of panic would wash over me. Thoughts of 'how will I get into my place without my keys, pay for a taxi, call anybody without my phone' ran through my mind. I would think 'My whole life is in that bag!'. That feeling can ruin a great night in a heartbeat.

So my journey began to fix that issue that we all encounter at one time or another. I designed a bag that keeps your things with you and safe. I know we carry our phones so I made sure the phone pocket can be used with ease.

I also wanted the bag to be beautiful. When we dress up to go out, we want to feel attractive and we want a handbag that matches that feeling. I hope you all feel special when you carry your BrennaB bag. I put a personal 'message card' in each bag that is from me to you. A thought that every B GIRL understands.

Here are a couple of my favorite candid shots of the B GIRLS goofing on the photo shoot. Their speciality is having fun! You will see more of these two on my Instagram.


 That's a wrap, dance time!
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  • Mary

    On August 07, 2018

    Do you think you might ever consider a vegan line of handbags?

  • Lauren Strelsin

    On February 26, 2018

    What a brilliant concept! I’m forever worrying about where I left my bag, and now I know it is firmly attached to me (unless I want to set it elsewhere). The bag itself is beautiful. It is the perfect accessory for an evening out. It holds everything it needs to, and is well made and well designed. I love mine, and bought one for each of my daughters, as well.

  • Margot Vogel

    On February 03, 2018

    “The quality of the bag is as good as ANY luxury brand handbag I own. The hardware is beautiful. The interior of the bag is 100% leather (who does that anymore?) and it REALLY works like a dream. This is my new go to bag for an evening out! ?”
  • Lisa S Thompson

    On January 26, 2018

    Great idea! I never carry a bag for the reasons you mentioned above but this is a great solution.

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